Corporate Training

If you Train it’s costly, if you do not train, it’s costlier“. Skilled Human resources are key to any organisational growth. We at IDENTITY, are always proactive and research oriented to understand the needs of the clients, to customise the Training Module as per the client’s requirement, and to ensure satisfaction post our service. 

Corporate Training (Outbound)

Here comes the role of Out Bound Training which is experiential by nature that engages individuals in outdoor team activities to develop teambonding, leadership, communication, failure management, risilence, risk taking ability, decision making, problem-solving skills, and a deeper understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses.

Campus to Corporate

The current competitive market looks for young Graduates primarily with problem solving skills, articulation skills, people Management Skills, Emotional Intelligence, event management skills. The Industry also looks for skilled entry level employees, well equipped with required abilities. Students need to be committed to their defined goals to reach the summit of Success in a fixed timeline.

Teacher's Training

Teachers are the lifeline for every student not only for getting the right education, but also for setting their goals right. As teachers’ onus towards the students is crucial, they need to be highly efficient and able to build the future of the country. Teaching is out and out an acquired skill. Surprisingly, there is huge dearth quality educators in the world. Hence, the teachers need to continuously upgarde themselves to leave an imprint in the heart of the students.

Voice & Accent Training

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