If you Train it’s costly, if you do not train, it’s costlier“. Skilled Human resources are key to any organizational growth. We at IDENTITY, are always proactive and research oriented to understand the need of the clients, to customize the Training Module as per the client’s requirement, and to ensure satisfaction post our service. 

We believe in serving the need of the client as best as possible so that we become the members of the client family. We work on two modes : as per the client’s requirement and as per our Training Module. 

Services Offered

  • Communicating with kids
  • 5 Pillars of Teaching
  • Dealing with Adolescent and Aggressive and Millennials
  • Going Beyond Stereotypical Way Of Classroom Teaching
  • Technical Errors While Speaking in English
  • Stress Management and Interpersonal Skill
  • Effective Communication Skill
  • Positive Body Language and Effective Presentation
  • Dealing with Special Children
  • Effective Classroom and Crowd Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Dealing with Slow Learners
  • Phonics
  • Phonetics
  • Change Management
  • Conflict Management

Workshops Conducted

Our Facilitators

Jasobant N. Singhlal
Experience-16 years
Amit Kumar Tripathy
Experience-23 years
Dalvinder Singh
Experience-10 years

NB : We conduct all the Programs / workshops through participative Case studies, Role plays, Team building activities, and Brainstorming.