The current competitive market looks for young Graduates primarily with problem solving skills, articulation skills, people Management Skills, Emotional Intelligence, event management skills. The Industry also looks for skilled entry level employees, well equipped with required abilities. Students need to be committed to their defined goals to reach the summit of Success in a fixed timeline. 

Campus to Corporate  training is a specially designed program for Jobseekers mostly for professional engagements. In this training program, we enable job seekers to acquire the relevant knowledge and develop the necessary skills to work effectively in an organization. As Industries are different, so as role.  We aim at grooming the students as per the Industry requirement, so that employers get the employees they want and the job seekers get the job they want. 

We, at Identity, have strong expertise in bridging the gap between Industry and Academia through constant Mentorship approach.

Services Offered

  • Communication Skill
  • Power Body Language
  • Power Dressing
  • Resume Clinic
  • Email Writing
  • Mock Interview Technical (Online / Offline)
  • Mock Interview HR (Offline / Online)
  • Public Speaking
  • Aptitude/Reasoning/Verbal Ability (Pointers to be added)
  • Group Discussion/Case Studies
  • Career Mentorship
  • Personality Development

Workshops Conducted

Our Facilitators

Jasobant N. Singhlal
Experience-16 years
Amit Kumar Tripathy
Experience -23 years
Dalvinder Singh
Experience -10 years
Amlan pattnaik
Experience - 4 years
Alka Swain
Experience -15 years
Raja Singh
Experience -15 years
Surya Das Mahapatra
Experience -15 years
Santosh Patnaik
Experience -25 years
Varun Agarwal
Experience -9 years
Nishant Mund
Experience -7 years
Preethi Patnaik
Experience - 20 years
Sangram Priyadarshan
Experience - 20 years

NB : We conduct all the Programs / workshops through participative Case studies, Role plays, Team building activities, and Brainstorming.